lunes, 13 de septiembre de 2010

To my friends all over the globe

I´m writing this in english so I can reach the eyes of many of my friends from all over the world that are not spanish speakers.

We´re just about to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Mexico as a country, this is, our independence day.
This celebration lead us to a re-think of what's to be a mexican, if its worth it to have a celebration while our country is in the middle of its worst struggle in decades. Kidnappings, murder, narco crimes and medieval violence besides massive dismissals of thousands of people from big national companies, crisis and an increasing anger against our government.
People, mexican people are amazing, they want to celebrate, they want hope, we love so much our country, we're optimistic to the tears. This is a very important time in Mexico, an historic one. Nobody's know what´s to come but I assume it's something important and big. I'm scared, I think most of mexicans we're like this right now. But I´m confident that we've got the guts to face it, no matter what's the shape or size of the new beast. 
I feel myself mexican to the bone, far from any propagandistic cliché I love this part of the world where I was born so rich in culture, landscapes, history and biodiversity. Shiny and honest smiles have always accompanied me into many explorations and trips in every little town and big cities. Warm and friendly people with strong principles and family bonds are one of the big treasures of this nation.
This strange unit called Mexico, multicultural, multiethnic and rainbow colored makes me shiver with every new discovery.
After 33 years I´ve been amazed everyday with billions of sensations: From the breathtaking view of a mountain range, the loneliness of a desert, the perpetual darkness of a millenary cave, the joy of a coral reef, the mystery of the jungle and the magic of an insect to the evoking cobbled roads of old towns, an amazing and colored ritual celebration of an ethnic group, the exciting ways of a big city, to learn ancient languages in my own country and an afternoon drinking pulque with my friends.
Personally I want to celebrate, in my own way of course. I wont follow stupid TV transmissions or eat history as donkey ass, pygmy writers of public school text want us to do. It is worth it to fight for a better country, there are many alternative ways to do it.
I will try to keep learning and transmitting mexican nature, I´ll try to have the humility to learn from the elders that´s not only human elders but old trees, ancient mountains, and ephemeral but wise bugs. I´ll try to leave at the end of this trip a stela of joy and love, and to the kids a track leading to the courage and happiness to LIVE.
So this next September the 15th I´ll be somewhere with a beating heart and a glass of tequila or mezcal in my hands ready for the future, wishing that people reacts: more than one hundred million of mexicans must wake up, open their eyes, now it´s the time, not to repeat old fashioned schemes but to re-invent our selfs, our nation, to fight against laziness, ignorance and fear with freedom, courage, intelligence and love.
So I say with conviction:

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  1. Qué bárbaro!!! dirás que siempre te halago pero no es por el hecho en sí, estoy convencida y reitero que si hubiera más mexicanos con esos pensamientos, ideales y deseos como tú para nuestro país, México estaría mucho mejor. Eres un ejemplo para mí, trato de seguir tus consejos de disfrutar y proteger nuestros tesoros vivos y cuidar nuestro entorno, de perseverar en lo que nos gusta hacer y hacerlo de la mejor manera, así como transmitir la idea a mis pacientes, sobre todo a los niños porque soy Dentista, no toda la gente es receptiva a eso pero me conformo con los que lo entienden. Felicidades a México por tener hijos como tú!